Optimizing the Bruck Algorithm for All-to-All Communication
DescriptionIn this work, we focus on efficiently generalizing the Bruck algorithm to non-uniform all-to-all data exchange. We present two alternative techniques for extending the Bruck algorithm to support non-uniform data distributions: padded Bruck and two-phase Bruck. In padded Bruck, we convert the non-uniform communication pattern into a uniform one by padding data messages into equal-sized buffers. Our other implementation, the two-phase Bruck, uses a meta-data exchange phase and a monolithic working buffer to facilitate non-uniform all-to-all data exchange. Moreover, we also performed experimental investigation of the tunable Bruck algorithm with varying radix-r. We demonstrated that the Bruck algorithm with r = sqrt(P) (P : total number of processes) is the most effective in most cases.
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TimeSunday, 13 November 20221:52pm - 1:56pm CST
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