Runtime Solutions to HPC Applications' Dynamic Imbalance
DescriptionThe scientific applications in HPC can use MPI and another runtime in the same execution to communicate between processes and for intra-node orchestration. However, with these developments it can be difficult to use all resources of a supercomputer as some load imbalance may appear during an execution. This abstract presents methods to use more efficiently resources in case of two types of load imbalance with minimal impact on application's code. The first method dynamically detects load imbalance and balance the computation by redistributing OpenMP threads between MPI processes local to the node. With this method an improvement of up to 30\% can be observed for MiniFE. The second method aims at harnessing the unused cores during the execution to compute another application at the same time. The preliminary results show a gain with this second method but with some impact on the first application.
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TimeSunday, 13 November 20221:56pm - 2pm CST
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