KokkACC: Enhancing Kokkos with OpenACC
DescriptionTemplate metaprogramming is gaining popularity as a high-level solution for achieving performance portability. Kokkos is a representative approach that offers programmers high-level abstractions while most of the device-specific code generation are delegated to the compiler. OpenACC is a high-level and directive-based programming model. This model allows developers to insert hints (pragmas) into their code that help the compiler to parallelize the code. This paper presents an OpenACC back end for Kokkos: KokkACC. KokkACC provides a high-productivity programming environment back end. This work demonstrates the potential benefits of having a high-level and a descriptive programming model based on OpenACC. We observe competitive performance; in some cases, KokkACC is faster than CUDA back end and much faster than OpenMP’s GPU offloading backend. This work also includes a detailed performance study conducted with a set of mini-benchmarks (AXPY and DOT product) and three mini-apps (LULESH, miniFE and SNAP, a LAMMPS proxy mini-app).
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TimeFriday, 18 November 20228:39am - 9:06am CST
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Accelerator-based Architectures
Dataflow and Tasking
Directive Based Programming
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