Position Paper: CoMingling of Appropriate Data to Drive Codesign of Applications, HPC Platforms, and Monitoring, Analysis, and Feedback Infrastructure
DescriptionThe goal of building HPC systems is to enable execution of large-scale user application workflows in a performant manner. This is a multi-dimensional problem, including not just a particular application’s or workflows*’ time-to-solution, but the aggregate throughput of all applications submitted (workload*) and the energy spent for their execution. Beyond minimizing the overall energy used, the aggregate HPC system power draw must always remain within a contract envelope. While in practice, one often tunes an individual application’s performance, we rather need to optimize the efficiency of the overall HPC ecosystem. Optimizing the overall efficiency requires optimizing utilization of all resources and the overall performance of the workload while honoring constraints (such as power and priority).
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TimeSunday, 13 November 202211:15am - 11:30am CST
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Data Analytics
Extreme Scale Computing
HPC Community Collaboration
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Resource Management and Scheduling
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