UNIVERSE-HPC: Supporting the Training and Career Development of RSEs
DescriptionResearch Software Engineers have a key role in supporting research in the HPC and Computational Science domains. Their specialist skills have been essential to the development and growth of these areas over many years. Significant effort is directed into raising awareness of the RSE role and developing proper career development pathways. One area requiring better understanding is training pathways. What training courses should RSEs take, at what career stage, to gain skills required at different expertise levels? What materials already exist within the community and which are missing? How do we navigate this largely undefined landscape? In short: how does one train to become an RSE? The UNIVERSE-HPC (Understanding and Nurturing an Integrated Vision for Education in RSE and HPC) project is working to enable people from a wide diversity of disciplines and backgrounds to have well-defined paths for obtaining the skills and experience required for a successful RSE career.
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TimeSunday, 13 November 20222:30pm - 2:40pm CST
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Career Development
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Software Engineering
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