LaRIS: Targeting Portability and Productivity for LaPACK Codes on Extreme Heterogeneous Systems Using IRIS
DescriptionFollowing the trend of heterogeneity, hardware manufacturers and vendors are releasing new architectures and their proprietary software stack (e.g., libraries) that can harness the best possible performance for commonly used kernels, such as linear algebra kernels. However, tuned kernels for one architecture are not portable to others. Moreover, the co-existence of different architectures in a single node made orchestration difficult. To address these challenges, we introduce LaRIS, a portable framework for LaPACK functionalities. LaRIS ensures a separation between linear algebra algorithms and vendor-library kernels using IRIS runtime and IRIS-BLAS library. Such abstraction at the algorithm level makes implementation completely vendor-library and architecture agnostic. LaRIS uses IRIS runtime to dynamically select the vendor-library kernel and suitable processor architecture at runtime. Through LU factorization, we demonstrate that LaRIS can fully utilize different heterogeneous systems by launching and orchestrating different vendor-library kernels without any change in the source code.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 202211:27am - 11:44am CST
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