Generating and Analyzing Program Call Graphs Using Ontology
DescriptionCallgraph or caller-callee relationships have been used for various kinds of static program analysis, performance analysis and profiling, and for program safety or security analysis such as detecting anomalies of program execution or code injection attacks. However, different tools generate call graphs in different formats, which prevents efficient reuse of call graph results. We present an approach of using ontology and resource description framework (RDF) to create knowledge graph for specifying callgraphs to facilitate the construction of full-fledged and complex call graph of computer programs, realizing more interoperable and scalable program analyses than conventional approach. We create formal ontology-based specification of call graph information to capture concepts and properties of both static and dynamic callgraphs so different tools can collaboratively contribute to comprehensive analysis results. Our experiments show that ontology enables merging of call graphs generated from different tools and flexible queries using a standard query interface.
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TimeSunday, 13 November 20223:30pm - 4pm CST
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