Performance Portable Vlasov Code with C++ Parallel Algorithm
DescriptionThis paper presents the performance portable implementation of a kinetic plasma simulation code with C++ parallel algorithm to run across multiple CPUs and GPUs. Relying on the language standard parallelism stdpar and proposed language standard multi-dimensional array support mdspan, we demonstrate that a performance portable implementation is possible without harming the readability and productivity. We obtain a good overall performance for a mini-application in the range of 20% to the Kokkos version on Intel Icelake, NVIDIA V100, and A100 GPUs. Our conclusion is that stdpar can be a good candidate to develop a performance portable and productive code targeting the exascale era platform, assuming this approach will be available on AMD and/or Intel GPUs in the future.
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TimeSunday, 13 November 20221:30pm - 1:53pm CST
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Performance Portability
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