LEC-PR:Proactive Recovery Method in Erasure-Coded Storage
DescriptionIn order to improve the reliability of the storage system and reduce the data redundancy, erasure-coded storage is widely used. The traditional approach to fault recovery research relies mostly on passive recovery, which occurs when data loss is detected. But passive recovery reduces the system's reliability. At present, machine learning methods can accurately predict soon-to-fail (STF) disks. Based on successfully predicted disk failures, we propose a method to proactively recover data in disks by using local erasure coding within nodes, called LEC-PR (Local EC Proactive Recovery). By migrating and recovering the data in advance, the reliability of the data can be improved. LEC-PR reduces cross-node recovery times and cross-node traffic during proactive data recovery by partially redundancy of the node's internal data blocks on other nodes. As compared to the existing method, LEC-PR can reduce cross-node traffic by 35% and shorten recovery time by up to 69%.
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TimeFriday, 18 November 202210:25am - 10:55am CST
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