Page-Address Coalescing of Vector Gather Instructions for Efficient Address Translation
DescriptionVector gather instructions are available in various processors, which are essential for handling irregular memory accesses. Additionally, the processors support virtual memory that allows programmers not to consider the limitation of the physical memory space. To realize the virtual memory, the processors require address translation between virtual and physical addresses. When a vector gather instruction loads data elements distributed over the physical memory space, all virtual addresses must be translated one by one, causing many translations by accessing a Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB). Hence, the TLB easily becomes a bottleneck in handling vector gather instructions. To relieve the bottleneck, this paper proposes an address coalescing method for the address translations of vector gather instructions by utilizing vector arithmetic units in the processor. The evaluation results show that the proposed method can achieve a 2x performance improvement in numerical and 1.08x in graph applications, which contain many vector gather instructions.
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TimeFriday, 18 November 20229:10am - 9:30am CST
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