CloudQ: A Secure AI / HPC Cloud Bursting System
DescriptionAs a method to optimize the investment for computational resources, cloud bursting is collecting a lot of attention, where the organizations utilize the cloud computing environment in on-demand fashion, while preserving the minimum amount of on-premise resources for sensitive data processing. For the practical cloud bursting, we need to achieve 1) secure job / data sharing, 2) uniform job execution environment for on-premise and cloud, and 3) on-demand automatic deployment of the execution environment on the cloud. To enable these items, we propose a meta-scheduling system called CloudQ. CloudQ 1) uses cloud object storage for data sharing, 2) utilizes container images to provide uniform job execution environment, and 3) automatically deploys an execution environment on the cloud.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20224:35pm - 4:50pm CST
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