NERSC Job Script Generator
DescriptionNERSC is the primary scientific computing facility for DOE’s Office of Science. NERSC supports diverse production workloads across a wide range of scientific disciplines, which requires a rather complicated queue structure with various resource limits and priorities. It has been challenging for users to generate proper job scripts to optimally use the systems. We developed a Slurm job script generator, a web application to help users not only generate job scripts but also learn how the batch system works. The job script generator was first deployed in 2016 to help generate an optimal process/threads affinity for the hybrid MPI + OpenMP applications for NERSC’s Cori system, and was recently extended to support more systems and use cases. In this talk, we will present the features supported in our job script generator, and describe the code design and implementation, which is easily adaptable to other centers who deploy Slurm.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20224:05pm - 4:20pm CST
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