From Merging Frameworks to Merging Stars: Experiences Using HPX, Kokkos and SIMD Types
DescriptionOcto-Tiger, a large-scale 3D AMR code for the merger of stars, uses a combination of HPX, Kokkos and explicit SIMD types, aiming to achieve performance-portability for a broad range of heterogeneous hardware. However, on A64FX CPUs, we encountered several missing pieces, hindering performance by causing problems with the SIMD vectorization. Therefore, we add std::experimental::simd as an option to use in Octo-Tiger's Kokkos kernels alongside Kokkos SIMD, and further add a new SVE (Scalable Vector Extensions) SIMD backend.

Additionally, we amend missing SIMD implementations in the Kokkos kernels within Octo-Tiger's hydro solver. We test our changes by running Octo-Tiger on three different CPUs: An A64FX, an Intel Icelake and an AMD EPYC CPU, evaluating SIMD speedup and node-level performance. We get a good SIMD speedup on the A64FX CPU, as well as noticeable speedups on the other two CPU platforms. However, we also experience a scaling issue on the EPYC CPU.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20222pm - 2:30pm CST
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