A Separated Model for Running Rootless, Unprivileged PMIx-Enabled HPC Applications in Kubernetes
DescriptionHigh Performance Computing (HPC) applications must be containerized to run in a Kubernetes (K8s) environment. The traditional model for running HPC applications in a K8s environment requires the Application Container (APP) to include the runtime environment and the launch support mechanisms, in addition to the application. This requirement can increase the APP size and introduce security vulnerabilities. The separated model presented detaches the runtime from the APP. This allows the system administrators to define, maintain, and secure the Runtime Environment Container (REC). A PMIx library connects the APP and REC. The PMIx library serves as a runtime communication conduit for HPC parallel libraries (like MPI) to perform necessary functions like inter-process wire-up. The APP is nested within the REC using unprivileged, rootless Podman. The separated model is demonstrated by running a set of HPC applications in an off-the-shelf K8s system.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 202211:30am - 12pm CST
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