An Educational and Training Perspective on Integrating Hybrid Technologies with HPC Systems for Solving Real-World Commercial Problems.
DescriptionDelivering training and education on hybrid technologies (including AI, ML, GPU, Data and Visual Analytics including VR and Quantum Computing) integrated with HPC resources is key to enable individuals and businesses to take full advantage of digital technologies, hence enhancing processes within organizations and providing the enabling skills to thrive in a digital economy. Supercomputing centers focused on solving industry-led problems face the challenge of having a pool of users with little experience in executing simulations on large scale facilities, as well as limited knowledge of advanced computational techniques and integrated technologies. We aim not only at educating them in using the facilities available, but to raise awareness of methods which have the potential to increase their productivity. In this presentation, we provide our perspective on how to efficiently train industry users, and how to engage about wider digital technologies and how these, used efficiently together, can benefit their business.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 202211:15am - 11:30am CST
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HPC Training and Education
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