Exascale Computing Project’s Broadening Participation Initiative
DescriptionThis talk will give an overview of ECP’s Broadening Participation Initiative, which has the mission of establishing a sustainable plan to recruit and retain a diverse workforce in the DOE high-performance computing community by fostering a supportive and inclusive culture within the computing sciences at DOE national laboratories. We will describe key activities within three complementary thrusts: establishing an HPC Workforce Development and Retention Action Group, creating accessible ‘Intro to HPC’ training materials, and launching the Sustainable Research Pathways for High-Performance Computing (SRP-HPC) workforce development program. We are leveraging ECP’s unique multilab partnership to work toward sustainable collaboration across the DOE community, with the long-term goal of changing the culture and demographic profile of DOE computing sciences.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 202211:30am - 11:45am CST
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HPC Training and Education
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