The 5th Annual Parallel Applications Workshop, Alternatives to MPI+X (PAW-ATM)
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20228:30am - 5pm CST
DescriptionSupercomputers get faster and more complex every year. MPI, long the dominant model for distributed computation, has adapted by combining with models for intra-node parallelism (e.g. OpenMP, CUDA). These MPI+X hybrids offer performance but demand significant programmer effort to write, debug and tune applications.

Alternatives to MPI+X are worth exploring as programmer productivity becomes a major component of the time to science. Alternatives include parallel programing languages (e.g. Chapel, Regent, Fortran 2018), general purpose libraries (e.g. Charm++, COMPSs, HPX, Legion, UPC++), and domain specific libraries (e.g. Arkouda, Dask, Spark). None are as widely used as MPI+X. So, it is hard for programmers to know which alternative models are appropriate for their application and for programming model developers to understand the opportunities for improvement.

Through discussion of specific applications, PAW-ATM brings together application experts and programming model developers to improve applications and models.
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