Best Practices for HPC in the Cloud
DescriptionCloud computing technologies use has grown considerably in HPC during the last few years. The complexity and scale that comes with cloud environments can make the first experience a daunting proposition. Cloud technologies offer a number of new capabilities to streamline tasks for HPC users and administrators. However, how to use these in HPC may not be immediately clear.

This tutorial provides a foundation to run HPC workloads in the cloud. It is organized in four series of progressive lectures and labs that provides a hands-on learning experience. It starts with a primer on cloud foundations and how they map to common HPC concepts, dives deeper into cloud core components, and presents the best practices to run HPC in the cloud.

This tutorial uses a combination of lectures and hands-on labs on provided temporary Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts to provide both conceptual and hands-on learning.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20228:30am - 5pm CST
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Cloud and Distributed Computing
Productivity Tools
Resource Management and Scheduling
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