Emerging Storage Interfaces: DAOS and PMDK
DescriptionThe future of memory and storage technologies will be diverse, from existing hardware such as Intel Optane DIMMs through to CXL enabled storage and memory devices, and beyond. These new forms of memory require both different programming approaches to exploit the persistent functionality and storage performance, and potential redesign of applications to benefit from the full performance of the hardware and ensure correctness and data integrity.

This tutorial aims to educate attendees on the persistent memory hardware currently available, the future technologies such as CXL, the software methods to exploit such hardware, the choices that users of systems and system designers have when deciding which functionality and configurations to utilize, and bespoke storage systems that exploit such hardware. The tutorial will provide hands-on experience using and programming against the DAOS object store and DAOS API, along with information on programming persistent memory directly through PMDK and CXL, as well as a range of information on the hardware and software ecosystem and potential performance and functionality benefits. The tutorial will include hands-on practical sessions on systems with persistent memory, PMDK, and DAOS.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20228:30am - 12pm CST
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Big Data
Data Mangement
Emerging Technologies
File Systems and I/O
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