Fountains and Garden-Hoses: Visualizing the Intricacies of Primary Jet Atomization
DescriptionA jet of fluid -- when we open a garden hose, for instance -- exhibits a rich tapestry of flow physics, including the rupture of fluid films and a cascade of filament and droplet breakup and coalescence. In addition to its breathtaking beauty, this jet atomization is a critical component for a broad spectrum of energy and healthcare applications. Simulating and visualization jet atomization is an ideal way to understand and control this phenomenon. However, the multiscale nature of jet atomization makes this a very challenging problem. Here, we visualize one of this phenomenon's highest resolution simulation datasets. The dataset consists of over 120,000-time steps of an adaptively resolved spatial mesh with length scales. We describe the parallel workflow and associated challenges while visualizing the time evolution of the jet. We show how this visualization produces a deep qualitative understanding of fluid dynamics from the outputs of these massive simulations.
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Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase
TimeWednesday, 16 November 20221:45pm - 2pm CST
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