DescriptionWe are proficient in distributed system and parallel computing, algorithm optimization, computer operating system, and other HPC necessary knowledge and have participated in a large number of related researches or projects. Expect the basic knowledge necessary for supercomputers, our team also has very wide-ranging expertise. Bo-Luo Ge has solid knowledge of computer operation and maintenance, network knowledge, and computer system knowledge. He is the main member of the cluster operation and maintenance of the CUHKsz supercomputer club. Zi-Fan Liu has a deep knowledge of reinforcement learning and deep learning and also has done some research on the application of reinforcement learning in Smart Grid. Yi-Liang He has profound compiler-level insights and is excellent at simd and risc-v. Si-Wei Zhang has unique comprehension of the underlying compilation support and has done related research in the CUHKsz laboratory. Bo-Luo Ge, Yi-Liang He, Si-Wei Zhang, and Zi-Fan Liu have also participated in the ASC of 2021 and won second prize. Yang-Lin Zhang has solid knowledge of Computer Vision and has done some jobs in GPU parallel threading. Hao-Nan Xue has been involved in many hardware-related projects.

Except for the professional computer domain knowledge, our team also has wide non-computer domain knowledge, such as Econometrics, Electricity Grid, Operation Management, Data Mining, etc. The diversity of our directions gives us the advantage of solving large-scale problems in various fields, and the combination of the thinking methods in different fields also improves the efficiency of discussion and problem solving within the group.

We are instructed by an outstanding professor, Professor Yeh-Ching Chung. Professor Yeh-Ching Chung established a supercomputing team at National Tsing Hua University before he came to CUHKsz, and led National Tsing Hua University to win the first prize in the final competitions of ASC, ISC, and SC many times. Under the leadership of Professor Yeh-Ching Chung, we participated in the ASC competition of 2021 and won the second prize. We also participated in many parallel optimization-related competitions, such as Intel's PAC to test and improve our skills.

As we know, SCC was developed to provide an immersive high performance computing experience to undergraduate and high school students. As an international platform for students who are interested in HPC, we sincerely hope that we can compete with other groups all over the world to improve our skills and show our ability and knowledge to the world.
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Student Cluster Competition
TimeMonday, 14 November 20227pm - 9pm CST
LocationSCC Booth
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