DescriptionChan-Yu, Mou is our team leader. He is a junior student from Tsing Hua Experimental Education Program, whose mission is to discover extraordinary students in diverse areas by looking beyond grades. Chan-Yu has broad interests in computer science and astronomy. So he joined the SCC team training as a freshman, and he is a member of the team that won first place in ASC20-21 (virtual), and second prize in HPC-AI 20. Chan-Yu brings diversity, experience, and leadership to our team.

En-Ming Huang is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. He has a strong interest in HPC. He had already joined the team training and took the graduate-level parallel program course. In his freshman year under the guidance of Prof. Chou, he has already published a paper in The Journal of Supercomputing.

Fu-Chiang Chang is a transfer student from the National Chung Cheng University. He is interested in HPC and deep learning, and currently studies distributed and federated learning under the guidance of Prof. Chou. He is the person in charge of the DLRM application in the HPC-AI’21 competition, and he is looking forward to the new challenge in the SCC competition.

Pang-Ning Wu and Pin-Yi Kuo are sophomore students majoring in Computer Science. Both of them are passionate about all things related to Information Technology and are always eager to learn something new. They joined the team to touch and learn things that can’t be taught in class.

Hsu-Tzu Ting is a junior student majoring in Computer Science. As the only female student on the team, she wants to be a role model to encourage more female students to participate in this exciting competition.

Our team is led by Prof. Chou, who has served as the team advisor since 2011 and won several awards over the years, including the overall champion in ASC '19, 20-21, and highest Linpack in SC’14, ASC '18. The team is currently ranked second in the world on the HPC-AI leaderboard. He worked in LBNL before joining National Tsing Hua University. He has published over 50 papers in top journals and conferences, including 3 papers at the SC conference. He has developed several young talents in the HPC field who are either currently pursuing Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in the US or working in HPC-related companies in Taiwan. One of them is also a student volunteer in SC’22.

Overall, we are a team with an interdisciplinary, hard-working attitude, well-trained skills, and good teamwork. We have been training for the competition for over a year since last February. The training process has not only taught us the skills and knowledge needed for the competitions but also brought us together to develop trust and friendship between each other.
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Student Cluster Competition
TimeMonday, 14 November 20227pm - 9pm CST
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