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DescriptionWe as a team represent the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU). In the past decade, FAU has participated in many cluster competitions around the world and SCC was one among them for 8 years. Since then, the support team in the background has continued to develop constantly, but support staff from the early days are still involved. This experience is granting us broader exposure to the students and strengthens ongoing co-operations with our sponsors. Furthermore, the university provides continuous support in hardware and financial means since the first participation in 2013. Additionally, we have one team member who was involved in the team from last year which benefits the team since he can pass on his knowledge gained in handling the hardware and preparing for the competition in general.
The advantage for our team is that most of our team members are studying Computer Science and one team member studies Computational Engineering which provides us with strong programming skills. Hardware architecture and basic understanding of computers is a part of those studies as well, so we’re prepared for all aspects of building a system that is capable of being successful. We have chosen a variety of different specializations which provides valuable insights from various fields. For example, some of us have minors in physics, theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence.
All of us have student jobs related to our field of studying at our university or a company. This enables us to attain practical knowledge that helps us in overcoming the challenges we face in the competition. For example, one of our students’ work is closely related to the MRTs from Siemens giving him a clear idea of how to handle especially time sensitive hardware. Two of us had some hands on Robotics especially on Robotic Arms and Navigation gaining some knowledge on Machine Architecture. Two other students worked as tutors giving them the ability to explain and put their thoughts in words well.
It is also beneficial that the team members have worked on servers and Robots as their private projects during their free time therefore having a good grip on Linux and the Linux command line tools.
Our Advisor, Dominik Ernst, is a PhD student at FAU and the NHR@FAU’s GPU expert. He holds a master's degree with honors in Computational Engineering. His research combines analytic performance modelling for GPUs and automatic code analysis in support of code generation and kernel execution decisions. His broad background in GPU porting and optimization in various applications fields includes internships at NVIDIA in Santa Clara and at CERN in Geneva.
As a member of the first ever team that competed in the SCC for the FAU in 2013 and 2014, he is no stranger to this competition.
We as a team are looking forward to gaining practical knowledge as well as making use of the networking opportunities. We hope we could implement the skills attained and this background would help us to successfully handle the different applications of the competition.
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Student Cluster Competition
TimeMonday, 14 November 20227pm - 9pm CST
LocationSCC Booth
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