DescriptionThe Monash HPC SCC team is part of a larger team of undergraduate students called DeepNeuron ( DeepNeuron is a student team focused on improving the world with Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing.

Computational background
Many students in the team are undertaking Computer Science or Engineering as their degree, learning subjects such as data structures, algorithms and programming languages such as C, C++, Python. On top of that, with the assistance of Monash eResearch (, which maintains two local HPC clusters), the Monash Student Cluster Competition(SCC) team goes through practical and theoretical training sessions on HPC topics, which include:
Cloud Technologies (OpenStack on our local Nectar system)
Compilers (gcc, icc)
Container technology (Singularity, Docker)
Working on local High Performance Computer Clusters
Parallel Programming (MPI, openMP)

Non-computational science domain
Monash University gives students the opportunity to undertake double degrees which allows the team to have a more diverse background in fields such as Mathematics, Physics, Commerce, Biomedicine, and more.

Broad background
Some members of the team also have experience with hardware. We have built a small model cluster with four Raspberry Pi nodes for training and testing. The team has also constructed a small HPC cluster with the support of Dell and NVIDIA, gaining practical experiences in assembling and maintaining a server.

Have any of the members participated before
The team has competed in several well known competitions around the globe such as ASC21, IndySCC21 and ISC22. In fact, the Monash DeepNeuron SCC team has won First prize and Application award in ASC ( and came 2nd in IndySCC21. The team for IndySC22 will consist of experienced members who won ASC21 and IndySC21, and new members who are first time joining the competition. Pascal and Nick have participated in IndySCC21 and they are currently competing in ISC22. They are both passionate to reinforce the skills they learnt last year and achieve a better result. Those experienced members will enable new members to learn new technologies they face and ensure them making a meaningful contribution to IndySC22.

How does SCC help academic career
SCC is one of the best places which challenges students and inspires them to become future High Performance Computing researchers. The opportunities to attend a major conference and to meet with peers and experts around the world would broaden students’ views on their future academic career. With the growing field of artificial intelligence and data science, the experience of dealing with scientific programs, optimising them, speeding them up with parallel computing techniques using HPC will serve us well in our future endeavours.

Introduce the advisor and advisor's background
The team advisor is Mr Simon Michnowicz. Simon was the team advisor for the Monash SCC 2018 team, as well as the ASC 21 and Indy Sc21 teams. Simon works at Monash eResearch, where he manages two HPC Clusters. As an accredited Software Carpentry teacher, Simon is passionate about educating the next generation of HPC professionals.
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Student Cluster Competition
TimeMonday, 14 November 20227pm - 9pm CST
LocationSCC Booth
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