SUSTech Supercomputing Team
Description- We are from the SUSTech Supercomputing Team (SST). The team is composed of SUSTech undergraduates who take a great interest in computational science and engineering. SST serves the large HPC user community in SUSTech and practices HPC skills in real scenes.

- Team Captain, Yingwei Zheng
- Participant in SC21 SCC, 2021 APAC HPC-AI Competition, and ISC22 SCC
- Has more than 6 years of programming experience in modern C++ and CUDA
- Working on high-level optimization for high-performance applications with LLVM and MLIR
- Interested in computer graphics

- Bingzhen Wang
- Participant in SC21 SCC and ASC22
- Maintainer of SUSTech Open Source Mirrors
- Interested in programming languages and computer graphics

- We have four talented freshmen this year. (New Participant Points = 10) They are:

- Jixiao Zhang
- Participant of the 2021 APAC HPC-AI Competition and ASC22
- Working on recommendation tasks in social networks with Graph Neural Network

- Junfeng Chen
- Experienced software developer
- Maintainer of SUSTech Open Source Mirrors
- Interested in hardware and operating system

- Tingzhen Dong
- Participant in ICPC Contest, Gold Medal of The 2020 ICPC Asia-East Continent Final
- Former captain of the SUSTech Collegiate Programming Contest Team
- Student assistant at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering
- Working on the research of system security and confidential computing

- Jia'nan Zhu
- Participant in ICPC and NOIP Contest
- Member of SUSTech CTF Team
- Interested in computer security

- As for our advisor - Dr. Fan is the chief engineer (Senior Engineer) of the SUSTech CCSE. He has published more than twenty papers in high-level academic journals with hundreds of citations. His research proposal was supported by the Youth Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and participated in several other programs of National Natural Science Funds.

- Some members of SST have interdisciplinary research experience. Yingwei Zheng and Bingzhen Wang have years of experience in online/offline physically-based rendering, which involves Numerical Analysis, Probability Theory, Statistics, and Radiometry. And CCSE Director Lianping Wang is a chair professor of the Department of Mechanics and Astronautics. Our team has experience in interdisciplinary cooperation. These experiences will help us cooperate with experts in other disciplines to find breakthrough points in the performance.

- We created a team with a broad background of experience relevant to the competition. Yingwei Zheng has a rich knowledge of compiler optimization technologies and CPU/GPU microarchitecture. And Tingzhen Dong won the Gold Medal of ICPC. They can tune codes and parameters skillfully. Junfeng Chen, Bingzhen Wang, and Jia'nan Zhu have rich experience in maintaining clusters in the Center for Computational Science and Engineering of SUSTech. They will provide support for others during the environment setup. Jixiao Zhang knows a lot about Machine Learning and will be assigned to the mystery application or the reproducibility challenge.

- Using HPC will improve students' ability to maintain computers and develop/debug programs. It will also strengthen students' understanding of computer architecture. The purpose of our participation in the SC competition includes, but is not limited to, training students' abilities, making new friends, participating in top conferences, and understanding cutting-edge trends.
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Student Cluster Competition
TimeMonday, 14 November 20227pm - 9pm CST
LocationSCC Booth
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