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DescriptionOur team is composed of students across various fields and interests. In total, our team consists of students from Computer Science, Computational Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and Electrical and Computer Engineering. All team members have experience with computing, but it is only one member’s primary focus of study. Our differing experiences and backgrounds ensures our team has a diverse skill set that is ready to meet the challenges of SCC.
Mathew Abraham is a computational engineering major who has experience with C++ and Python. He has gained exposure to machine learning libraries and training models on GPUs, and is interested in applying his classroom knowledge to this competition.
Surendra Anne is a physics major with experience in Python. Having had limited exposure to other aspects of computing, participating in SC22 is a great opportunity for him to learn more about resource management in computing. Knowledge of HPC can translate to his interest in astrophysics research, as sifting through copious amounts of data is an important part of imaging in astrophysics and particle experiments.
Jorge Bolivar is a computational engineering major with a solid understanding of Python and C++. This competition will lead him to explore new branches of computing, and he hopes HPC will create an environment where he can challenge himself and learn more about his interests in real world applications.
Saiprathik Chalamkuri is a computer science student who has delved into user level concepts such as data structures and algorithms, and has experience working with lower level concepts such as computer architecture and operating systems. He looks forward to learning more in-depth about how hardware relates to reaping computing power and hopes for this competition to increase his skills maximizing hardware and software efficiency.
Jenna May is a computational engineering major in the process of transferring into electrical and computer engineering with plans to concentrate in computer architecture. She has experience with C++, Python, and assembly language along with exposure to CPU architecture. She hopes to learn more on how to best optimize the working of both software and hardware, which will be a great benefit to her career.
Benjamin Nederveld is currently a third year mathematics major pursuing a minor in Chinese. He hopes to combine the practical aspects of competition with some of the more theoretical aspects of his education. Additionally, he hopes to learn more about collaboration on large-scale technical projects.

It is all members’ first time participating in SCC, and we all hope to gain valuable technical skills and experience that can be directly transferable to our future careers. Furthermore, the technical and problem solving skills we gain from participating will help us academically.

Our advisors work full time at the Texas Advanced Computing Center. Joe Garcia and Nick Thorne are system administrators that build, maintain, and ensure high availability of various TACC clusters. Matthew Cawood is part of the Performance and Architectures team within the High Performance Computing group where he conducts performance benchmarking and analysis along with software development.
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Student Cluster Competition
TimeMonday, 14 November 20227pm - 9pm CST
LocationSCC Booth
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