Team Phoenix
DescriptionThe members of Team Phoenix are Jack Hurst, Tracey Li, Braden Hester, Patrick Sliwinski, Samuel Henderson, and Aditya Kaushik. Our team is brought together by a shared interest in high-performance computing, and we hope to develop our experience and involvement in HPC through this competition.

All of us are part of a Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) HPC class, which is designed to train SCC teams, teach students about HPC fundamentals, and give them awareness of the industry. From this class, we learn about various HPC topics, such as schedulers, the Linpack benchmark, and some examples of building and running applications.

Our members have varied experience across academic coursework and industry. Collectively, we study five concentrations in computer science which are offered by Georgia Tech’s College of Computing: devices, information internetworks, theory, systems and architecture, and artificial intelligence. Through our coursework, we have learned about algorithms, computer architecture, operating systems and other computer science fundamentals. We have also gained industry experience through internships. Jack and Braden have worked on front- and back-end web development, and Aditya has worked with databases, networking protocols, and cloud technologies.

Patrick and Samuel are interested in HPC because they are involved in fields where HPC is applied to run simulations and model complex problems. Patrick is a member of the Yellow Jacket Space Program at Georgia Tech, where he works on embedded software for the flight computer and sensor boards. Patrick’s interest in HPC comes from the flight dynamics simulations used to plan flight trajectories by the Yellow Jacket Space Program. Before computer science, Samuel studied mechanical engineering. One reason he is interested in HPC is its applications in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. Aditya is a TA for the systems and networks class, where students are given an exposure to computing systems and networking, including software abstractions for utilizing compute resources. Aditya is enjoying the HPC VIP class because many of the operating systems concepts that he has learned about through coursework and readings – such as scheduling and distributed systems – get put into full use in an HPC environment. Braden’s interest in HPC stems from a desire to understand how we can use computers to their fullest potential. He has experience participating in team-based academic competitions, such as Lockheed Martin’s CodeQuest programming competition and the GHSA State Math competition. Tracey’s interest in math drew her to HPC and this competition, and she is looking forward to being exposed to the techniques used in HPC to solve problems. Jack was previously a computer engineering student, so he has a background in hardware. He is an instructor for the 3D printing tech area at Georgia Tech’s Electrical and Computer Engineering makerspace. By participating in this competition, he hopes to gain more experience in linux, scripting, and parallel programming.

Sahit, our advisor, is a graduate student at Georgia Tech. He has worked for Nvidia in software security, competed in Nvidia’s GPU Hackathon, and is currently competing in ISC22, making him a wonderful resource as our team advisor.
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Student Cluster Competition
TimeMonday, 14 November 20227pm - 9pm CST
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