DescriptionTeam RACKlette is a student team which is active all year round. This allows us to form a strong team spirit and friendships in the team. Our team currently consists of 15 members at varying stages of their studies of which 12 can still perform in the SCC. We make sure that all members get to join at least one competition a year. Even those who aren't part of the competing team give their support and assistance. In addition to this, our alumni members form the backbone of the team; offering knowledge and handy tricks that are useful in any situation. This is remarkable since despite being supported by ETHZ regarding knowledge, advice and funding, we are not getting any credits towards our degrees for our commitment in Team RACKlette.
Nonetheless all team members are eager to compete and gain new experiences and insights into the rapidly expanding fields of HPC and AI. These competitions give us unique insights into ongoing research,cutting edge business and give us relevant life experiences that help us in deciding our future master programs and careers. The experience we gain from competitions like SC also compliments what we learn in lectures and lets us consolidate what we learned so far. It also prepares us for future lectures in teaching us how to interact with servers and run code efficiently.

Our advisors are Torsten Hoefler and Hussein Harake.
Professor Hoefler inspired the founding of Team RACKlette and has supported us ever since. He has prior experience with Student Cluster Competitions as a participant and as an advisor of winning teams (e.g. SC'08, ISC'19).
Mr. Harake is a HPC System Manager at CSCS and our contact for everything related to our cluster hardware. He has supported Team RACKlette since its founding as well and is the main reason we’ve been able to get so many cutting edge hardware sponsorships by so many vendors..

Our team for this year’s SC-competition is built with balance and diversity in mind. One team member participated in last year’s Indy-SCC and ISC22, another member participated in ISC22 and four members will have their first chance to join a HPC competition at SC22. With this mix we strike a balance between experienced and new members. Our plan is to lay a foundation with the more experienced members on which the newer participants can build. Adding to the difference in HPC experience is the spread in academic experience and interests. The team consists of students from «Computer Science» (CS) and «Computational Science & Engineering» (CSE) which allows us to have a theoretical as well as practical background for HPC. In addition to the Computer Science background members have had lectures in i.e. Physics, Robotics and Biology. ETHZ also emphasizes taking lectures outside the standard curriculum. Therefore everybody has to take courses in «Humanities, Social and Political Sciences». These lectures can be in i.e. History, Economics or Philosophy.
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Student Cluster Competition
TimeMonday, 14 November 20227pm - 9pm CST
LocationSCC Booth
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