Massachusetts Green Team
DescriptionPo Hao Chen is a third year student at Boston University pursuing computer science. His domain of interest lies in the intersection of theory and practice. His independent research focuses on optimization through mathematics and distributed computing. He lectures a course on algorithmic problem solving targeted at upperclassmen at Boston University. He has been involved in the HPC community for the past three years. In addition to publications at HPC conferences and attending past SCs, he runs the only HPC student club in the Boston area with Carlton.

Carlton Knox is a third year student in computer engineering. He has been a member of the BUHPC club for three years and is the current President of the club. He is passionate about software and hardware performance in computer architecture design. He regularly hosts workshops related to HPC concepts for prospective students. Carlton's research involves leveraging machine learning to predict CPU temperatures to increase power efficiency, and he wishes to extend his work to the hardware used in HPC systems.

Andrew Nguyen is a third year student at Northeastern University majoring in electrical and computer engineering, with a minor in game design. In addition to computational science, Andrew studied quantum mechanics and modern physics. He became involved in architecture research working in GPU simulators. Although Andrew is relatively new to HPC, he has experience with the software stacks used by the community through his projects.

Vance Raiti is a sophomore at Boston University studying electrical engineering. He came from a performing arts background and is relatively new to the HPC scene. His interests have grown greatly after joining the club while working on optimizing the club's Raspberry Pi cluster. Vance was trained rigorously as a mathematician and is interested in various domains of science. He has studied advanced mathematics, quantum information theory, and fluid dynamics.

Yida Wang is a sophomore at Boston University studying computer science and business. He joined the BUHPC team this year and became interested in pursuing a career in the field. He plans on working in machine learning research and hopes to learn more about leveraging distributed systems through the competition.

Yiran Yin is a sophomore at Boston University studying computer engineering and mathematics. She has been part of the BUHPC club for a year and volunteers to manage the club's Jetson cluster. She is still exploring and seeking her field of interests and hopes to understand the areas HPC can be applied to through the competition.

Kurt Keville is a researcher at MIT. He has been involved in the Boston HPC scene for the past two decades and mentored many competitions teams, including past teams in ISC, SC, and ASC. He provides us access to resources, vendor connections, and insights into cluster design.

Benjamin Li is the team’s secondary advisor. He has previously competed in the last two Student Cluster Competitions and brings a wealth of experience in setting up applications. He will be assisting with training the team as well as coordinating logistics.
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Student Cluster Competition
TimeMonday, 14 November 20227pm - 9pm CST
LocationSCC Booth
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