DescriptionWe are ClusDur – a team of enthusiastic Durham University students who can’t wait to enter the world of HPC! We would love to participate in IndySCC since it is the ideal opportunity to get first insights into supercomputing and gain cluster competition experience. This would be very valuable to us since neither of us has previously participated in any cluster competition.

We would do well in IndySCC due to our interdisciplinarity, diversity of skill levels and breadth of technical expertise. ClusDur consists of students from computer science, engineering, mathematics and physics - with three of us being in their very first year of study.
Interdisciplinarity and diversity of skill levels are key to enable our students-teach-students approach and allow us to learn and thrive together. This will help us consolidate and win through difficulties, deadlines and all-nighters of the competition together.

To gain first HPC experience, Harrison, Joseph and Matthew have already participated in an introductory course on the usage of the Durham University’s supercomputer Hamilton. Further, Allaida, Jack, Matthew and Robert have already successfully participated in classical Hackathons such as DurHack. Hence, they have experience with solving challenges under time pressure and as a team.

As third-year physics students, Harrison and Robert gained their first scientific computing experience through their computational physics projects. For Harrison, the project allowed him to encounter multiprocessing and apply it to a scientific simulation. Robert used his project as an incentive to gain experience with Arch Linux on a Raspberry Pi. He taught himself system administration skills that are a great asset to the team when it comes to cluster configuration and shell scripting.

Allaida is a first-year Computer Science student. She has already acquired a solid foundation in Python programming and adds experience with machine learning to the team’s skill set thanks to her participation in DurHack. Matthew is a first-year Engineering student and brings domain knowledge and programming experience in Python, C/C++ and MATLAB to the table. Allaida and Matthew aim to further their practical CS skills and gain insights into scientific simulations.

Jack is a first-year Mathematics student, with a strong interest in systems level programming and related industry experience. He is eager to share his software development knowledge with the team. As a second-year computer science student, Joseph has a background and keen interest in hardware optimization and novel computing approaches. Through IndySCC, Jack and Joseph aim to further their knowledge about performance optimization and gain insights into bare metal cloud computing.

Laura conducts research on parallel programming paradigms, especially on task parallelism in molecular dynamics simulations. She participated in the ISC SCC 2015 and aims to share her experience through mentoring. Adam’s research interests include the scheduling behaviour of task-based runtimes and heterogeneous computing. He competed as part of Team Durham in the CIUK SCC 2021 and is keen to mentor ClusDur through their first SCC. Tobias is conducting research on the efficient implementation of multiscale algorithms. He's strongly involved as PI in the UK's exascale programme ExCALIBUR.
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Student Cluster Competition
TimeMonday, 14 November 20227pm - 9pm CST
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