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DescriptionThe GeekPie_HPC team is united with a broad background and different STEM minds that aim to discover and resolve challenging engineering works. The philosophy of problem-solving is highly related to HPC applications and DevOps. We are equipped with free will and a solid ability to explore the technology world.

As for the diversity of research interests, Jiajun Cheng, a Sophomore, who is the new captain this year, currently works for Multi-Disciplinary AI VR/AR Studio(MARS), a place to make AI and CV happen in normal people's life. He is responsible for the backend of an animation App called Wand, and he has learned system architecture design, CI/CD, and Kubernetes.

Aibo Hu is a freshman majoring in computer science. He is interested in algorithms and data structures and has participated in many algorithmic programming contests. Besides, he is also a member of the GeekPie_ DevOps team and maintains the GeekPie_ mirror service. He is now working on learning computer architecture and systems.

Zecheng Li is a Computer Architecture and Parallel Computing enthusiast. His previous experience as a backup teammate at SC21 made him interested in fine-tuning the HPC program. He is currently doing an internship for a trading firm optimizing the code there.

Weiqi Wu, our lovely Mascot, is a Natural Language Processing enthusiast. She has conducted many small projects in these fields. She joined the team for a cross-discipline view of Machine Learning Systems.

Yichi Zhang is a freshman from the GeekPie_ Association. He was an algorithm competitor and won two silver medals in the ICPC Regional Contest. He is currently a member of the GeekPie_ DevOps team and studying computer systems and compiler technology.

Yining Zhang is a senior undergraduate student with a focus on architecture and systems. He has taken courses and completed projects on computer architecture, operating systems, distributed systems, and high-performance computing. Currently, he is also an assistant engineer of Biomedical Big Data Platform in the university, using his computer expertise to help other majors to do some scientific computing work.

Our previous teammates benefit a lot from the SC competition, and we are grateful to the committee. We meet the software and hardware nerd of our age and share our experiences and provide internship opportunities. They pursue their studies in prestigious schools and world-leading companies thanks to the experience and connections built during the SC event. Specifically, Ms. Jia Du goes to Carnegie Mellon University to study computer vision. Mr. Yanjie Song, Songhui Cao, and Guancheng Li land their research career in Prof. Shu Yin's team, focusing on the application of non-volatile random-access memory in the general memory hierarchy. Mr. Jianwen Luo takes an internship at Xilinx and joins Prof. Yajun's lab at ShanghaiTech, targetting FPGA acceleration in traditional computational models. Mr. Yuzhuo Jing started his Ph.D. degree at John Hopkins University, focusing on the security of Linux systems. Our former captain, Yiwei Yang will start the Ph.D. at UC Santa Cruz, focusing on general Systems in fall 2022.
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Student Cluster Competition
TimeMonday, 14 November 20227pm - 9pm CST
LocationSCC Booth
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