CGYRO Performance on Slingshot-Connected Perlmutter GPU nodes
DescriptionThe NERSC Perlmutter HPC system is the most recent large-scale US system that is publicly available. NERSC chose to deploy a first phase of its GPU-based nodes in late 2021 using 2x Slingshot10 connections and has been upgrading them to 4x Slinghot11 connections starting in summer 2021. In this poster we provide benchmark numbers for using CGYRO, a popular fusion turbulence simulation tool, comparing the original and the upgraded network setup. CGYRO has been previously shown to be communication-bound in many recent HPC systems and we show that the upgraded networking provides a significant boost for fusion science.
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Research Posters
TimeThursday, 17 November 20228:30am - 5pm CST
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