Extreme-Scale Computational Fluid Dynamics with AMR on GPUs
DescriptionAccurate modeling of turbulent hypersonic flows has tremendous scientific and commercial value, and applies to atmospheric flight, supersonic combustion, materials discovery and climate prediction. In this poster, we describe our experiences in extending the capabilities of and modernizing CRoCCo, an MPI-based, CPU-only compressible computational fluid dynamics code. We extend CRoCCo to support block-structured adaptive mesh refinement using a highly-scalable AMR library, AMReX, and add support for a fully curvilinear solver. We also port the computational kernels in CRoCCo to NVIDIA GPUs to enable scaling on modern exascale systems. We present our techniques for overcoming performance challenges and evaluate the updated code, CRoCCo-AMR, on the Summit system, demonstrating a 5× to 24× speedup over the CPU-only version.
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Research Posters
TimeThursday, 17 November 20228:30am - 5pm CST
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