Blaze: Fast Graph Processing on Fast SSDs
DescriptionOut-of-core graph processing is an attractive solution for processing very large graphs that do not fit in the memory of a single machine. The new class of ultra-low-latency SSDs should expand the impact and utility of out-of-core graph processing systems. However, current out-of-core systems cannot fully leverage the high IOPS these devices can deliver.

We introduce Blaze, a new out-of-core graph processing system optimized for ultra-low-latency SSDs. Blaze offers high-performance out-of-core graph analytics by constantly saturating these fast SSDs with a new scatter-gather technique called online binning that allows value propagation among graph vertices without atomic synchronization. Blaze offers succinct APIs to allow programmers to write efficient out-of-core graph algorithms without the burden to manage complex IO executions. Our evaluation shows that Blaze outperforms current out-of-core systems by a wide margin on six datasets and a set of representative graph queries on Intel Optane SSD.
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TimeWednesday, 16 November 20222pm - 2:30pm CST
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