Out of Hypervisor (OoH): Efficient Dirty Page Tracking in Userspace Using Hardware Virtualization Features
DescriptionThis paper introduces Out of Hypervisor (OoH), a new virtualization research axis. Instead of emulating full virtual hardware inside a VM to support a hypervisor, the OoH principle is to individually expose hypervisor-oriented hardware virtualization features to the guest OS. This way, guest’s processes could take benefit from those features. We illustrate OoH with Intel PML (Page Modification Logging) which allows efficient dirty page tracking to improve VM live migration. Because dirty page tracking is at the heart of many essential tasks including checkpointing and garbage collection, OoH exposes PML to accelerate these tasks in the guest. We present two OoH PML designs namely Shadow (SPML) and Extended PML (EPML) that we integrated into CRIU and Boehm GC. Evaluations results show that EPML speeds up CRIU checkpointing (by 13×) and Boehm garbage collection (by 6×) times compared to SPML, /proc, and userfaultfd while leading to 16× less overhead on applications.
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