Smackdown! Does HPC Need Composable Infrastructures Now?
DescriptionAI is driving heterogeneous compute, with specific workflows needing radically different hardware configurations. Composable infrastructure purports to eliminate the restrictions imposed by traditional static architectures by allowing hardware resources to be dynamically assigned, rather than being tied to physical servers. The promise is higher efficiency of high cost components, and the building of otherwise “impossible servers”. But can it scale, and is the added cost really recouped through increased flexibility and utilization?

In this fast-paced, lively, and highly interactive format, two HPC industry analysts will lead “Pro” and “Con” teams, with the audience deciding who wins. A typical debate format will feature opening statements, rebuttals, and tricky questions aimed at tripping up the other team. We will also include plenty of time for audience questions and comments. This will be an informative, compelling and fun event, with a clear outcome that will be issued in press release format during SC22.
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TimeTuesday, 15 November 20221:30pm - 3pm CST
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AI-HPC Convergence
Data Mangement
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