2022 IEEE-CS Seymour Cray Computer Engineering Award
DescriptionQuotes from Seymour Cray—Are we living up to his legacy?

Seymour Cray, often regarded as the “father of supercomputing”, endowed us with valuable quotes during his stellar career, and many of those quotes can now be found online. One can say that the HPC in general has made massive progress since his unfortunate passing, but the question is, has HPC made advances in a way that lives up to his ideals and his legacy, and furthermore is properly moving forward? Moreover, it is difficult even for a genius to predict the future accurately, and as such, are the ideals from his quotes living up to the present day HPC? We review his quotes against some historical supercomputing developments I have been involved in to address these questions.
Event Type
Awards Presentation
TimeWednesday, 16 November 20229:30am - 10am CST
LocationDallas Ballroom/Omni Hotel
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