WORKS 2022 – Invited Talk: Making Easier the Development and Deployment of Application Workflows with eFlows4HPC
DescriptionWhile distributed computing infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex, the user community provides more complex application workflows to leverage them. In addition, current trends aim to use data analytics and artificial intelligence combined with HPC modeling and simulation. However, the programming models and tools are different in these fields, and there is a need for methodologies that enable the development of workflows that combine HPC software, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. The eFlows4HPC project aims at providing a workflow software stack that fulfills this need.

The project is also developing the HPC Workflows as a Service (HPCWaaS) methodology that aims at providing tools to simplify the development, deployment, execution, and reuse of workflows. The project showcases its advances with three application Pillars with industrial and social relevance: manufacturing, climate, and urgent computing for natural hazards. The talk will present the actual progress and findings of the project.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20228:32am - 9am CST
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Cloud and Distributed Computing
In Situ Processing
Scientific Computing
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