Students HPC Crash Course
DescriptionThe two-part event is designed to be beginner friendly, and open to anyone who wants to learn more about HPC. The first session will take place virtually before SC and will provide lessons in foundational skills. The second session will take place in person at SC22 and will introduce common parallel and accelerated computing methods. You can attend one or both sessions.

To speed access to the training cluster, registration prior to 7th November 2022 is requested. The following link can be used to register for one or both sessions:

Register here for sessions:

Virtual Pre-Conference Event:
12:00 pm- 3:30pm CDT
Zoom (provided at registration)
The pre-conference virtual Day 1 will be delivered by Zoom/Slack/Git. During Day 1, we will explain how/why HPC can be useful to you, help you get set up with an "ssh" client that will allow you to log in to a remote UNIX environment. Then we will cover the foundational skills needed to participate in hands-on HPC exercises including, UNIX, command-line text editors, and an introduction to C and Python programming. Participants will be supported by OLCF staff through a combination of Zoom and Slack. Students will have access to a Unix environment. This session is recommended but not required for the Conference Hands on HPC session.

In-Person at SC Session:
9:00-1:00 pm CDT
D227 -- Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas
During the in-person sessions at the conference, we will give an overview of HPC programming environments, parallel programming models, job schedulers and job launchers, before directing participants to a set of self-guided HPC challenges that cover basic parallel programming and GPU programming topics. These self-guided challenges will be performed on OLCF’s Ascent training cluster which has an architecture identical to one cabinet of the Summit Supercomputer. Students will have access to Ascent until November 30 to complete all the exercises. Students who complete a select number of the exercises and challenges by November 30, will receive a certificate for completing an Introduction to HPC.
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TimeSunday, 13 November 20229am - 1pm CST
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