Impacts and Potential of Using Node Resources for Active Middleware
DescriptionThe move to larger, more powerful, compute nodes on large scale HPC systems has been significant in recent years. It's not uncommon for nodes now to have 128+ computational cores, and significant amount of GPU resources. This provides potential scope for active middleware to run on these nodes, managing anything from storage and I/O to compute kernels and network traffic. However, there needs to be a stronger understanding of the impact of on-node workloads on application performance, especially when we are aiming to scale to exascale systems with many millions of workers. I will discuss work we are doing to evaluate and characterize the impact of on-node workloads, and explore some of the active middleware that could enable scaling up to very large node and system sizes without requiring significant user application changes.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 202211am - 11:30am CST
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AI-HPC Convergence
Extreme Scale Computing
Parallel Programming Languages and Models
Runtime Systems
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