Adding Malleability to MPI: Opportunities and Challenges
DescriptionThe Message Passing Interface (MPI) is the most dominant programming model on HPC systems and has been instrumental in developing efficient, large scale parallel applications. However, it has a rather static view of compute resources building on top of the concept of immutable communicators. While this provides some easy-of-use and simplicity, it is limiting, in particular for modern workflow-based workloads as well as in its support for resource adaptive systems. The newly introduced concept of MPI Sessions, however, opens the door more dynamicity and adaptivity. In this talk I will highlight the opportunities that can arise from such directions and discuss a novel approaches we are pursuing as part of several EuroHPC projects. Our ultimate goal is to provide full malleability in MPI as well as the surrounding software layers - from system software to applications - and with that enable us to more efficiently harness the computational capabilities of current and future HPC systems.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20229:30am - 10am CST
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AI-HPC Convergence
Extreme Scale Computing
Parallel Programming Languages and Models
Runtime Systems
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