Programming Methods, Architectures, and Applications of Reconfigurable Technologies in HPC
DescriptionWith recent improvements in silicon fabrication technology, reconfigurable devices can now be applied to accelerate functions beyond the traditional computing domains. In-network processing and smart computational storage are just two of these approaches. We discuss both simple and more complex application examples for both of these domains, covering a network-attached ML inference appliance, a JOIN accelerator for distributed databases, and also look forward to using a cache-coherent interconnect, such as CCIX or CXL, to tackle a complex database acceleration scenario linking a computational storage unit using near-data processing to a full-scale PostgreSQL database system. Beyond these hardware architectures, the talk also examines improvements in programming tools specialized for the realization of reconfigurable computing systems. Using the open-source TaPaSCo framework as an example, advanced features such as on-chip dynamic parallelism, flexibly customizable inter-processing element communications, and host/accelerator shared virtual memory with physical page migration capabilities are discussed.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20228:35am - 9:30am CST
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