IA^3 – Invited Talk 2: Parallel Batch-Dynamic Graph Algorithms
DescriptionAs many real-world graphs change rapidly, it is crucial to design dynamic algorithms that efficiently maintain graph statistics upon updates, since the cost of re-computation from scratch can be prohibitive. Furthermore, due to the high frequency of updates, we can improve performance by using parallelism to process batches of updates at a time. This talk presents new graph algorithms in this parallel batch-dynamic setting.

Specifically, we present the first parallel batch-dynamic algorithm for approximate k-core decomposition that is efficient in both theory and practice. Our algorithm is based on our novel parallel level data structure, inspired by the sequential level data structures of Bhattacharya et al. and Henzinger et al. Given a graph with n vertices and a batch of B updates, our algorithm maintains a (2 + epsilon)-approximation of the coreness values of all vertices (for any constant epsilon > 0) in O(B log^2(n)) amortized work and O(log^2(n) loglog(n)) span (parallel time) with high probability. We implement and experimentally evaluate our algorithm, and demonstrate significant speedups over state-of-the-art serial and parallel implementations for dynamic k-core decomposition.

We have also designed new parallel batch-dynamic algorithms for low out-degree orientation, maximal matching, clique counting, graph coloring, minimum spanning forest, single-linkage clustering, some of which use our parallel level data structure.
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TimeFriday, 18 November 202210:30am - 11:10am CST
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