Distinguished Talk: Datacenter-wide security by default
DescriptionHPC datacenters are large and shared across many users for efficiency. The last era of HPC users were highly-technical and conscientious experts. Increasingly, HPC infrastructure is being democratized to span a diverse set of users with varying concerns for and proficiency in security. There is an inevitable threat from malicious attacks or inadvertent interference from bad actors, supply chain threats, noisy neighbors, or nosey admins. To thwart this, we recommend a defensible architecture with continuous improvements in applying the principles of zero trust in a range of settings from the edge to the cloud to federations of multiple clusters.

This talk will present the principles that NVIDIA follows to design in security by default. This involves attribute-based access control, modular design, and clear ownership of responsibility. The security friction is reduced enough for novice users to get an easy onramp, while customers retain full control over policies, with both visibility and ownership over security issues. We employ integrated datacenter-wide hardware and software solutions to create isolation of the network, storage, compute, and tenants from administrators.
We introduce new hardware in DPUs, switches, and features like confidential computing, as well as software solutions that involve scheduling, monitoring, AI-driven analysis, management, and security services. We’ll connect participants to the application of these principles by providing a wide range of real-world examples. Join us for a fun talk that’s sure to spark stimulating discussion on what we can do together to build upon a zero trust foundation and move the needle against the adversary!
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TimeFriday, 18 November 20228:31am - 9:11am CST
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