Lightning Talk: Containerized MPI and GUI Applications on HPC in the Cloud with Workload Manager
DescriptionPortability and reproducibility are the primary goals of scientific communities that intend to use container technology that is familiar with High Performance Computing (HPC) applications and environments on-premises and in the cloud to support these concerns. Singularity and Sarus evolved to meet the needs of computational workload users and administrators in HPC environments, as well as container portability and reproducibility for scientific computing. To scale complex workloads on multi-node distributed memory architectures, HPC applications often use the Message Passing Interface (MPI), while the use of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is an integral part of pre-processing, post-processing, data analysis, and result interpretation. This work presents approaches to building and executing containerized MPI and GUI applications on HPC in the cloud. We provide comprehensive performance evaluation of MPI and GUI applications running in an isolated container environment with Workload Manager, with reference to native on HPC in the cloud.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20229:45am - 9:52am CST
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