MPI-0: Toward Composable, Minimal MPI-Next Middleware and Footprints for the Next Decade
DescriptionThis talk considers building a from-scratch specification and implementations of a message passing parallel programming interface and standard, conceptually akin to MPI, but built with Occam's razor in mind and without legacy concerns or 100% backward compatibility. It will be aimed to be divided between a) a small, performant core (with scalability and performance ideally better than MPI-5 on its evolutionary trajectory), and b) backward compatible interfaces to allow existing MPI-4 applications to be used (with performance and scalability no worse than today). MPI-0 would be a small core subset of MPI concepts and capabilities, re-envisaged from the ground up with strong attention to resources, heterogeneity of the nodes, concurrency within the MPI, and deep application optimization. This strategy may offer an effective, new way to think of about "thin middleware" for the next decade of message-passing-based parallel programming for the exascale-plus era. The C++ language will serve as a core specification and likely implementation language for such middleware, with C and modern Fortran bindings delivered as part of backward compatibility (possibly with normative headers defined by the standards body). The ability to deliver primitive QoS, strong progress, and support integration with other programming models will be considered. A stackable model of Core+non-core-specs will enable procurements, applications, and implementations to focus first on highly efficient profiles that have recognized features and boundaries, again in recognition that many applications use but little of MPI's functions and concepts. How tools would fit in, and potential ABI compatibility, likely via a normative C layer, will be mentioned just a little bit.
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TimeSunday, 13 November 202210:30am - 11am CST
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