HPC Education Training and Education: Challenges and Opportunities
DescriptionParallel computing is becoming more relevant in non-traditional disciplines. Moreover, given the dynamism of today’s computational environments, the traditional classroom approach for HPC pedagogy does not fit all needs required at various levels of education. The traditional computer science education which typically mentions briefly the concept of threading is no longer apt for preparing the future HPC workforce. Additionally, many K-12 and post-college personnel are encountering problems or are involved in projects where high performance computing can make a useful contribution. In recent years, there have been several pedagogical and andragogical approaches initiated by the HPC community to increase the instructional effectiveness for bridging the gaps in HPC knowledge and skills.

This work aims to share experiences with educational challenges and opportunities that stimulate the acquisition of high performance computing skills.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20228:30am - 8:45am CST
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