PitchIt! Perfecting your Elevator Speech
DescriptionEver find yourself tongue-tied at a conference when you bump into that researcher or engineer whom you have been wanting to meet and collaborate with? Ever go to introduce yourself at a job interview and find yourself opening with “Uhm uhh . . . “. Well, here is the opportunity for you! The “PitchIT” workshop provides guidance on how to develop a short speech that can be used to show who you are, present your ideas, break the ice, and make a quick connection. During the workshop you will work with professionals in the field and fellow student volunteers to develop, fine tune, and practice your personal professional sales pitch so that it becomes so easy to give, that you’ll be ready to win an opportunity with it the next time you find yourself riding on an elevator or bus with a possible collaborator.
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TimeMonday, 14 November 20223pm - 4:30pm CST
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