Open Platforms for Energy-Efficient Scalable Computing
DescriptionLarge-scale data-parallel workloads demand ever-growing performance under an (almost) constant power envelope. To address this fundamental challenge in a regime of diminishing returns from technology scaling, we must minimize overhead associated with data transfer, data-flow management, as well as instruction fetching, decoding, while introducing "controlled doses" of domain specialization. The last decade has seen the rise of open instruction sets, open architectures, and open hardware as key enablers for designing more efficient computing systems. In this talk, I share insights gained in designing open-source RISC-V hardware and software for energy-efficient computing, moving from tiny, parallel ultra-low power chips to high-performance many-core chiplets, and provide a personal view on future directions.
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Invited Talk
TimeThursday, 17 November 20229:20am - 10am CST
LocationDallas Ballroom/Omni Hotel
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