HPC Accelerates Plenary: The Many Dimensions of HPC Acceleration
DescriptionThe essence of High Performance Computing (HPC) is the use of computational methods to improve understanding, leading to discovery or innovation in some dimension. Supercomputing, analytics, and artificial intelligence are all different facets of this approach.

All are important at SC22, where the theme is “HPC Accelerates.” HPC accelerates in the literal sense. Parallel programming accelerates time-to-insight, which in turn accelerates scientific discovery and product development. But HPC accelerates in a grander sense as well, taking us not only faster in the same direction, but exploring entirely new avenues of exploration and thought. At its best, can HPC accelerate the course of humanity?

The opening SC22 plenary panel explores the many ways in which HPC Accelerates. The panelists are all leaders, representing different perspectives in supercomputing, data analytics, hyperscale, and AI, setting up a conversation that promises to range from practical to inspirational, building on where we are today, accelerating through the SC22 program to come, and into the future beyond.
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HPC Accelerates Plenary
TimeMonday, 14 November 20225:15pm - 6:30pm CST
LocationDallas Ballroom/Omni Hotel
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Associate Director and Chief of Research Technologies
Director of the National Center for Computational Sciences and the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility
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